Monday, September 10, 2012

The Publicity of the New LeBron Shoe at $165 to $300 is Just Dumb Marketing and Promotion for LeBron James, Personally.

It does matter.

The publicity of the new LeBron shoe at $165 to $300 is just dumb, marketing and promotion for LeBron James, just when he was regaining some positive persona.

As NBC News and Bottom Line Blog reported that "for Nike, inaccurate buzz is good news.
Reporters and bloggers eagerly reported that Nike's new LeBron X+ sneakers would cost more than $300 a pair -- only for the company to issue a statement noting that the shoes' actual price was at least $135 less than had been reported. The degree of buzz generated by the initial reports led some to speculate that Nike marketers had deliberately seeded the false reports, perhaps by planting the story with "sneakerhead" bloggers."

The publicity means that Nike may not do any advertising for this shoe. It is doing Promotion and many parts of the Nine P’s (

LeBron’s persona, credibility and street cred suffer again.