Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Netflix's Red Letter Or Red Envelope Day. In A Month: No More DVD Red Envelopes From Netflix.

And you thought that was so like before Covid.

On September 29th the last "rental" DVD by red envelope will go out from Netflix.

I would put that under "Place," or distribution in the 9P's of Marketing. 

It's ending; Netflix will conclude its rental DVD program this fall, after 25 years and 5.2 billion DVDs sent through the mail. 

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I am an experienced, senior Forensic Marketing Expert, Advertising expert, Advertising/Marketing consultant with Londre Marketing Consultants, LLC.

I created the 9P's of Marketing--
Planning, People, Product, Place, Price, Promotion, Partners, Passion and Presentation to solve Marketing and business problems and create Marketing opportunities

I own a copyright for these Nine P’s/9 P's of Marketing©2007 concepts and Marketing practices, which augment the 1960's Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) or the 4P’s by the American Marketing Association (AMA), Neil Borden and Jerome McCarthy in the study and practice of Marketing. It's sixty years later and we are in the digital age. 

The Nine P's/9P's of Marketing help identify marketing problems in a number of strategic areas and help develop profitable marketing’s objectives, strategies, tactics and solutions. The 9P's are insightful. The nine P's were created for the digital age. 

I consult and teach using these Marketing concepts and practices of the Nine P's/9P's of Marketing.

In the study and practice of Marketing, brand, advertising and marketing managers develop plans, strategies and tactics. The Nine P’s include these important concepts, practices and components:

  • People (Segmentation and Targeting)
    • In my 9P's, I stress that firms need to look and analyze potential, new, existing and repeat customers and users. 
  • Product and Services, includes new product development, product mix and product line
  • Place (Distribution)
  • Price or Pricing 
  • Planning, including marketing research
  • Promotion: 
    • There are eight (8) major, strategic components or communication elements which are personal and non-personal communication activities. 
    • The activities that communicate the merits of the overall product include:
      • Personal Selling/ Sales Force: Sales persons
        • Listen more than you talk. People who listen more, learn more, plus helps you position your service/product/solution or offering. 
      • Advertising: You may not know that Google, Facebook and Amazon attract 46 cents of every dollar spent by advertisers. Think about this expression "It is only creative if the product or service sells." I wanted to add "It is only good media spending if it sells." 
      • Sales Promotion
      • Collateral Materials
      • Direct Marketing (also referred to as Action or Direct Response Advertising)
      • Interactive/Internet/Web, Digital Media, Social Media:  
      • Events and Experiences
      • Public Relations/PR
    • With inflation at increasing higher levels, we are seeing brick and mortar retailers needing physical traffic to survive. Gas prices at record levels are keeping customers from driving more. One stop shopping is more important than ever. 
  • Partners/Alliances
  • Presentation: 
    • The act or acts of strategically presenting any of the different 9P’s© and/or components to your customers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, sales force, marketing intermediaries, clients, employees, partners, and/or others. 

      Presentation aspects may be signs, symbols or images that represent something; a descriptive or persuasive account (as a sales person of the product or service). Something set forth for the attention of mind of your targets ("People") and media audiences.

  • Passion
For more on ideas, concepts and Marketing solutions: Go to LondreMarketing.com and look under “Articles and Resources” and the 9P’s/Nine P’s ©2007. Specifically you will find them detailed at 9P’s/Nine P’s.

Or for more fun, marketing strategies/tactics and facts: Go to Marketing Trivia with 58 stimulating questions and answers at Londre Marketing Consultants, LLC